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Marni is a world-famous brand of Italian origin, which specializes in the production of lines of women's clothing, shoes, textiles, perfumes and cosmetics. In the world market, the brand is known for its unique and original graphic prints, as well as an abundance of textures in the proposed models. Marni products belong to the luxury market segment.

Company History

The founder of the brand "Marni" is considered to be Consuelo Castiglioni. She was born in 1959 in one of the coziest towns in Switzerland in a family of Chilean-Italian immigrants. Having reached his 25th birthday, in 1984, Consuelo decides to return to his historic homeland in Italy, where she meets her future husband, Gianni Castiglioni.

By the time the young people got married, Gianni already held one of the leading positions in the rather large and promising company "Giwi Furs", which was engaged in the production and sale of luxury products made from natural fur.

Consuelo managed to quickly get involved in her husband's business, and already in the early 1990s she was honored with the position of fashion expert of the company. Working at "Giwi Furs", a woman begins to notice the various subtleties of production, to explore client preferences and wishes. Soon she comes to the conclusion that the revitalization of the company's business will help create a new brand that could realize and satisfy the needs of customers from another market segment. So in the framework of "Giwi Furs" there is a new brand of fur products "Marni", characterized by more affordable prices.

The year of foundation of Marni is 1994 - it was then that the official registration of the brand took place. Gianni and Consuelo suggested that the clothing brand they created would help attract new customers to the Giwi Furs home. According to the concept they developed, the models demonstrating the premiere Marni collection were dressed in fur coats and capes from the Giwi Furs assortment.

However, the spouses' forecasts were not confirmed, and the Marni brand turned out to be much more successful from a commercial point of view than the company in which it was born. So, by the second half of the 1990s, label products could be found in most boutiques and department stores in Italy.

The success of Marni was due to two factors. Firstly, the products offered were very different from those presented in stores. Secondly, the products were directly related to ready-to-wear things, but at the same time they weren’t worth fabulous money.


The 2000s became especially significant for the brand, since it was during this period that its single-brand boutiques began to open around the world. Marni enters the international arena. Also, at this time, in addition to clothing, lines of shoes and accessories are launched.

In 2006, a new brand boutique of the brand was opened outside of Italy, in Beijing. In addition, the official site is launched, the online store is starting to function. It is noteworthy that the daughter of Gianni and Consuelo Castiglioni, Carolina Castiglioni, takes patronage over him.

In 2007, the first in the history of the brand presentation of a full line of men's clothing was held. The spouses of Castiglioni are not going to stop there, and four years later, in 2011, they launch luxury children's clothing lines.

In 2016, it became known that Consuelo resigned from the post of creative director. She left the company, arguing that she wants to spend more time with her family. Her place was taken by a talented Italian fashion designer Francesco Risso.

Where can one buy

Today, branded brand boutiques are scattered across almost all of Europe. Exclusive Marni stores are available in France, Italy, the UK, Spain, China, Japan and several other countries. In Russia, the original brand outlets are not yet open, however, you can purchase label products in the following luxury boutiques:

  • TSUM;
  • GUM;
  • Soho;
  • Rendez-vous.

Also, original products from Marni can be ordered in the following online stores:

  • - official site;

Interesting Facts

  • The brand was named after the sister of Gianni Castiglioni - Marina. Marni is one of the derivatives of her name.
  • Each branded Marni boutique has its own unique design. According to the existing corporate concept, all of them should combine high-tech style elements.
  • All brand collections are completely sewn in textile factories in Italy.
  • Many Hollywood celebrities often confessed their love for the Marni house. So, Julia Roberts, Reese Witherspoon, Cameron Diaz, Monica Bellucci and some others are considered bright fans of the brand.
  • Marni often collaborates with other fashion brands and companies, producing a variety of capsule collections. The most famous collaborations were created with The Rug Company, Ladurée, Current / Elliott and H&M.
  • Since 2014, Marni has been actively participating in the annual Milan Furniture Fair (Salone del Mobile). So, the brand presented a unique project called "100 Chairs". His idea was to reflect a wide variety of design variations and solutions on a hundred different furniture models. It is noteworthy that all the chairs were made exclusively by hand.
  • In 2012, the official presentation of the first perfume water brand in the history took place.
  • The famous model, Raquel Zimmerman, is the face of the company's cosmetic line.
  • The brand even has its own limited collection of gift dolls. It was released in honor of International Shopping Day.
  • Each of the presented dolls is dressed in an exclusive outfit that was developed by the label's designers.
  • In their collections, brand designers often turn to images of the past, thereby confirming the idea of ​​fashion cyclicality.

Watch the video: Designer Profile: Marni -- Videofashion (February 2020).


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