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Italian cuisine is known throughout the world, but are you sure you know the whole truth about it? How many dishes does a traditional Italian dinner consist of? And what time do Italians have dinner? Are restaurants always open or at certain times? And what is the cost of a good dinner? I’m eager to tell you about all this and even more with the example of my fantastic dinner yesterday at Jack's Scampi restaurant in Alassio.

Believe me, your time is worth it, because the photos turned out to be so delicious that after a few hours I myself want to return to the restaurant. So, about tasty in order, but let's start with the fact that the restaurant Jacks Scampi is located a stone's throw from the sea in the heart of Alassio - a small town on the coast of Liguria, which for several years has been one of the first places in popularity among Russian tourists in this region .


Piazza Partigiani, 3 Alassio (Sv)
Tel. 0182640497

This place has recently become a discovery for me. Of course, after living in Alassio for 5 years, I know almost every restaurant, but only two months ago I found out that there are exceptions to the rules, namely that this restaurant is open all day. You may have been surprised at my joy because of such a minor and mundane motive, but I remind you that we are in Italy, and here, despite the chronic delays of everyone and everything, the restaurants work exclusively on schedule.

If you want to have lunch, then be prepared to have time to do it from 12.00 to 14.00, dinner, in turn, is served from 19.00 to 22.00 and not a minute earlier.

Now you understand my joy, because our (my for sure) organism decides according to its clock when it wants to eat, and this restaurant is one of the few visitors who are always happy. But my joy doesn’t end there: we were late for dinner, as always, but our concerns were different, because there was a weather warning on television and for this reason most of the establishments in Alassio could be closed, but, to our pleasant to surprise, just not Jack Scampie.

Outwardly unremarkable, made in the tradition of Italian family business, Jack Scampi will pamper you with his cuisine and service, and the only thing you need to do is find time for dinner.

And now the long-awaited moment has come, a storm is raging outside the window, and we are behind a selection of the most delicious dishes from the menu, and all the waiters are at our disposal, since we are the only customers at such times and weather.

And the first thing I would like to draw attention to is that the menu has Russian, a trifle, but nice. After all, you go on vacation for a pleasant experience, and a misunderstanding can ruin everything.

The menu consists exclusively of traditional Italian dishes, presented in the following categories:

Snacks and first courses;

First fish and second meat dishes;

Second fish dishes and desserts;

Side dishes and salads;

Alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.

I acquainted you with the dishes in the menu in detail, let's pay attention to prices: the cost of all dishes varies from 4 to 15 € - this is the minimum for any Italian restaurant.

Well, now about the tastiest. Just 2 minutes after accepting our order, they brought us divine bruschettas with pasata from fresh tomatoes and pesto sauce, which melted in our mouth in a matter of seconds. But the paradox is that they are not in the menu, and therefore, we could not order them. It turned out that this treat is a sign of attention from the restaurant.

Soon we were served snacks. Mixed fish slices were incredibly tasty and so delicious that I tried absolutely everything.

Well, now, the dish of the day that I was waiting for is fish soup. This is one of my favorites, but in this restaurant it is simply beyond praise: 2 types of fresh fish, shrimp, squid, octopus, lobster - all in a deliciously delicious broth in an indecently large portion.

My husband, as a true Italian, ordered himself alla marinara seafood spaghetti. It should be noted that this dish attracted me no less, but I was so full that I could not try it.

It is time for dessert, my weakness. As a rule, the choice of both desserts (mine and husband) is up to me, so I have the opportunity to try both and choose which I like best.

I think you already understood from the photographs that I still couldn’t choose, and I had to master almost everything myself, but it was worth it, believe the experience of a sweet tooth with experience. Such a fresh and tasty tiramisu rightfully hit the top five in my personal rating. True, for the first time this dessert was served with ice cream and cream, but this did not spoil it, although the cream, of course, is not for everyone. To my surprise, I tried Meringat's cake for the first time in my life and was also delighted.

And for concluding coffee and limoncello liqueur, and here we had a new surprise that I did not know about before, because I rarely order drinks after dinner - a sweet dish and alcohol were on our table as a treat (again, completely free).

In conclusion, they brought us an invoice for 60 €, this is the average amount of a dinner for two in Italy, but, believe me, not all restaurants will receive such huge portions and good quality for the money.

And I also want to add that Jack Bench is a restaurant with such welcoming moments as free refreshments from the establishment, which is very nice.

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