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Casadei is a world famous Italian shoe brand that has managed to become a kind of symbol of courage and extravagance. The goods produced by the brand belong to the luxury class, are of high quality and convenience. Casadei shoes and sandals are famous for their catchy design and pretty bright colors.

Casadei History

The history of Casadei label dates back to 1958 in the quiet provincial town of San Mauro Pascoli in the Emilia Romagna region, where the young Quinto couple and Flora Casadei released their first line of light summer handmade shoes workintended for tourists on the Adriatic coast of the Riviera Romagnola (Riviera Romagnola) tourists. At the same time, they open their first shoe store, in which they begin to sell sandals and sandals of their own production.

The first shoe collection of the couple was greeted by the public on “Hurray!”, Having sold out in just a few days. Such success was the motivating factor that prompted Quinto and Flora to further develop their own brand.

So, in 1960 they worked out a rather interesting design solution, which consisted in manually applying beautiful unique embroidery to each pair of shoes. Similar decor elements were not very common in models of that time, so painted Casadei shoes stood out clearly against the general background.

Gradually gaining customer confidence and accumulating an increasing customer base, the Casadei couple in 1961 released a full-fledged autumn-winter collection of women's shoes, which is dominated by suede and genuine leather goods. It is noteworthy that even the first models of the brand already had that unique spirit of mischief and rebellion, for which fashionistas from around the world gave their hearts to Casadei shoes.

Gradually, rumors of amazing shoes go beyond San Mauro Pascoli, and the Casadei spouses become known throughout Italy. That is why in 1962 they were invited to present their new collection at the international exhibition of shoes held in Florence. With this fateful exhibition, the introduction of Casadei to the world market begins.

In 1970, the family store turned into a real large industrial enterprise, and in 1973 the leading fashion and style magazines publish information on this Italian brand on their pages. The first mono-boutiques are opened in the USA and France.

Cesare Casadei - the heart of the brand

Cesare Casadei, the first-born of Quinto and Flora Casadei, joined the family business in 1987. Having assumed the duties of a commercial director, he is establishing active cooperation with Eastern European markets.

Thanks to the constant efforts and painstaking work of Cesare, the family business is starting to flourish: the monoboutics of Casadei gradually fill the whole of Europe. Despite all its merits, the post of creative director of the legal heir to the dynasty manages to take only in 1994. However, the long wait for such a coveted position quickly pays off: fully confident that shoes for girls mean the same as cars for men, Casadei Jr. creates his first shoe collectionwhich, by virtue of its aggressiveness, but at the same time sophistication becomes an adornment of any female image.

With the coming to power of Cesare Casadea, cardinal changes and changes begin in the company, which, fortunately, turn out to be exceptionally positive. The leadership of Cesare is, first of all, an endless series of experiments, the purpose of which is to create not just beautiful, but the most convenient and comfortable women's shoes.

Blade - brand's business card

The current creative director of Casadei, Cesare Casadei, in his interviews repeatedly mentioned that the ideal shoes for a woman should, first of all, be comfortable. Moreover, convenience is not a synonym for ugliness, beauty and grace must go hand in hand with comfort and practicality. And it was precisely this harmony that the master tried to achieve for three long years in an attempt to create amazingly sophisticated pumps with the thinnest pin that looked more like a sewing needle.

After futile experiments with a variety of materials, Cesare suddenly came up with the crazy idea of ​​making steel heels. Such a strange choice was explained by the fact that this metal is quite durable, and could be able to withstand the weight of the happy owner of new "boats" concentrated at one point.

The crazy idea turned out to be ingenious, and soon the light saw the legendary Blade model of pumps with a steel heel, so thin that it was almost imperceptible. It is noteworthy that, despite the rather complex and dubious design, this model is indeed very convenient. Everything is explained by the correct location of the heel and the rise of arch support, due to which the body weight is correctly distributed on the surface of the sole, thereby relieving the load from the spine.

Today, Blade is one of the most popular shoes not only among ordinary women, but also among celebrities. So, not a single red carpet is complete without a celebrity who came to her in these legendary “boats”.

Interesting Facts

  1. Once, singer Beyoncé personally approached Cesare Casadey with a request to create shoes for her;
  2. At the first date, his future wife, the creative director of Casadei, brought to the family shoe factory;
  3. In 2004, a limited edition series of Casadei slippers was launched in Italy;
  4. In 1993, the brand's first monoboutique was opened in Moscow;
  5. In 1998, Casadei stores appeared in St. Petersburg;
  6. The main brand showroom of the brand moved to: Via dell'Annunciata 2 in Milan;
  7. In 2008, on the occasion of the fiftieth anniversary of the label, a collection of photographs was released showing Casadei's rich half-century history.

Watch the video: Casadei SS 2016 Collection (February 2020).


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