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Trieste: at the crossroads of three cultures

Trieste is a city in northern Italy that has absorbed the heritage of three different cultures. Here, the traditions of Imperial Austria are intertwined, under whose management the city has been for a long time, the customs and customs of neighboring Slovenia, as well as the sophisticated Italian heritage. It is not surprising that Trieste is often called “another Italy” - it is not peculiar to emotional southern gestures. This city is surprisingly calm, and sometimes phlegmatic, German punctuality and Slavic gentleness interweaved in it.

The visitors are most interested in the historical center and the south of the city with its many canals. Tourists have the opportunity to take a walk along one of them - the Grand Canal (ItalianCanal grande), which connects the sea with the central square of Trieste, named after the Unification of Italy.

Palaces in the neoclassical style rise along the Grand Canal

During the walk you should not miss the opportunity to get acquainted with the examples of neoclassicism - it is in this style that palaces are built, towering along the Grand Canal. Here is located on the shore Carlo Schmidl Museum (Italian: Civico Museo Teatrale Carlo Schmidl) which contains a rich collection of musical instruments with very unusual exhibits. The museum exposition acquaints tourists with the history of music in Trieste.

Near the Unification Square of Italy (Italian: Piazza Unità di Italia) and the Grand Canal is the most famous landmark of the old part of Trieste - cathedral of san giusto (Italian Basilica di San Giusto). Today, the Cathedral has been turned into a museum thanks to an amazing collection of artifacts, and its mosaic-tiled halls are a masterpiece of the interior design of the ancient Roman and medieval eras. Here is the chapel of Escorial - Karlista - with the tomb of members of the royal family.

Not far from the Unification Square of Italy are the Town Hall,church of St. Anthony (Italian Basilica di Sant'Antonio), as well as the exchange building, made in different architectural styles: Neo-Renaissance, Classicism and Baroque.

Preserved in the city and the sights of the times of the Roman Empire, the most significant of which is consideredRoman theater (Italian: Teatro Romano). At one time, gladiators fought here, and today, modern artists and performers perform in its arena.

In the Roman Theater of Trieste, gladiators once fought

Golfo di Trieste deserves special mention, where you can admire the snow-white yachts or sit down in one of the many restaurants. If you find yourself in Trieste in the second half of October, you will find an amazing sight - the Barcolana regatta. By the way, nearby you can see the only beach in Europe, divided by a wall leaving into the sea into female and male halves.

Golfo di Trieste offers snow-white yachts

Near Venice Square - on the promenade of Nazario Zauro - is popularTrieste Aquarium (Italian: Acquario Varino), known for its collection of inhabitants of the Adriatic Sea.

The suburbs of Trieste are of great interest to tourists. It is clearly visible from the cityMiramare Castle (Italian Miramare Castle), which is located eight kilometers from the center - on a cliff near the Adriatic Sea. Famous personalities lived and worked in the XV century castle at different times: for example, the famous Irish prose writer James Joyce wrote his “Ullis” here.

Miramare Castle is located on a rock by the Adriatic

30 kilometers northwest of the city on top of the “Spurs Karste” rises Duino Castle (ital. Trieste Duino) around which magnificent gardens are spread. The castle’s feature is an underground bunker of the Second World War period with a depth of 18 meters. Halfway from the city to the castle, there is another local attraction - Victory Lighthouse.

Shopping in Trieste can not be compared with Milan, but there is where to shop. The Torri d'Europa shopping center has a wide selection of clothes from the well-known brands Piazza Italia, Oviesse, Goldenpoint, Limoni perfumes and shoes from Deichmann and Pitarello. The only McDonalds in the city, as well as a large Coop supermarket, are also located here. In the second il Giulia shopping center, most of the retail space is given to the Euronics electronics center, as well as the Italian food supermarket Pam.

Shopping in Trieste is unthinkable without shops in the central part of the city. In large stores UPIM and COIN, you can look at men's and women's clothing, a wide selection of perfumes and accessories. As elsewhere in Italy, twice a year - in July and January -shops Trieste Announce significant sales, allowing locals and tourists to enjoy shopping.

Watch the video: Trieste - The crossroads of nations, languages and cultures (February 2020).


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