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The most famous bridges of Venice

In Italy, there is no sign of origin that came from - for a marriage to be strong and happy, the newlyweds must cross seven bridges. In this case, the newlyweds of Venice can be envied - in the city there are more than 400 bridges connecting the islands and islets that make up this charming and incredibly romantic city. The bridges of Venice are unique and inimitable, each has its own story - mysterious, sad or romantic ...

Rialto - the very first bridge in Venice, connecting the shores of the Grand Canal.

Rialto Bridge

Its history began in 1181, when under the guidance of engineer Nicolo Baratieri a pontoon bridge was built, called the Ponte della Moneta in honor of the nearby Mint.

After a hundred years, in connection with the development of the Rialto market channel on the eastern shore and, accordingly, the increased load on the bridge, it became necessary to replace the pontoon bridge with a more solid and reliable crossing.

Rialto - the very first bridge in Venice connecting the banks of the Grand Canal

By the middle of the XIII century, a new bridge was erected over the Grand Canal - a drawbridge. It was designed in the shape of an arch, the central part of which was opened to let the ships pass. This bridge over time began to be called the Rialto Bridge.

The wooden structure was destroyed several times - at first the bridge was damaged by a fire, then it collapsed because too many people gathered to watch the regatta.

Of course, the bridge was rebuilt every time, until they came to the conclusion that wood is not the most suitable material for this. In the middle of the XVI century, the Venice authorities announced a project competition, the winner of which was the architect Antonio de Ponte. The Rialto Stone Bridge - a beautiful and reliable symbol of Venice, serves people today.

Bridge of Sighs

Bridge of Sighs - small but very picturesque bridge of veniceconnecting two buildings - the prison and the Doge's Palace, separated by the Palace Canal. Rio di Palazio, better known as the Bridge of Sighs, was built in 1602 by the architect Antonio Conti.

A rather massive stone bridge with walls and a roof is decorated with decorative elements from marble, giving the building some grace.

Bridge of Sighs, Venice

In the Middle Ages, convicts passed along this bridge, sighing at the sight of the Venetian beauties, which they probably saw for the last time - in those days, few returned from prisons. One of those who returned was the famous Giacomo Casanova - the only person who managed to escape from prison.

Recently, another legend has appeared in Venice related to Bridge of Sighs. They say that if lovers swimming under the bridge on a gondola kiss, their feelings will be eternal and will survive any hardships. You just need to kiss at the sunset!

Scalzi Bridge

Skaltsi is one of four bridges located on the Grand Canal. This bridge connecting the areas of Cannaregio and Santa Croce was erected in 1856 and, like many bridges of Venice, almost immediately criticized for its small size, preventing the passage of large ships under it.

The Venetians did not like the architectural appearance of the bridge, which, in their opinion, did not fit into the historical image of the city.

In 1934 Skalzi bridge It was reconstructed, an iron construction in industrial style was replaced by an elegant arched bridge made of stone. The author of the project was the architect Eugenio Mozzi: he managed to make a massive stone structure very light and elegant - the thickness of the upper part of the bridge does not exceed 80 centimeters thanks to a special masonry system.

Skalzi Bridge is located next to the train station

The name of the bridge translates as "barefoot bridge". According to one version, the name is associated with the Church of the Barefoot Carmelite Monks, located nearby - on the banks of the Grand Canal. On the other - with beggars, a large number of whom lived in the area of ​​the bridge and walked on it with bare feet.

The Scalzi Bridge is located very conveniently, in close proximity to the main transport hubs of Venice - Santa Lucia Train Station and the bus station on Roma Square.

Academy Bridge

The Academy Bridge connects the banks of the Grand Canal in that part of the city where the Academy Gallery is located, famous for its magnificent collection of Venetian paintings, which includes works by famous artists - Tintoretto, Titian, Veronese.

The construction of the bridge was planned back in 1488, but due to the complexity of the design and insufficient funding, it was only built in 1854. The architect Alfred Neville chose as the main material - metal, which, according to most citizens, was too modern for this area of ​​Venice.

In 1933, a wooden bridge appeared on the site of the iron structure, designed by Eugenio Mozzi, an architect who also designed the Skalzi bridge. Later it was planned to replace the wooden bridge with a stone one, but these plans were never realized.

Academy Bridge is a pedestrian bridge, and its length is 48 meters

In 1985, the worn-out wooden structure was replaced with a new one - also made of wood. The new bridge has become an exact copy of the previous one. From the top Academy Bridge Great views of the city and surrounding attractions.

Venetian lovers hang locks on the handrail of the bridge, symbolizing the strength of feelings - the city authorities are trying to fight this tradition, but castles appear on the bridges of Venice again and again.

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