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Things to do in Milan: 10 ideas on how to spend time in Milan. Part I

Taking off his hat before the business achievements of Milanese, it should be recognized that from a tourist point of view, Milan is not the best choice among the cities of Italy. So, or almost so, travel guides speak of the capital of shopping. Nevertheless, digging a little deeper in Milan you can have a great day or two. Especially if you go for a walk with an individual guide to Milan, who will be able to talk about the backstage of the city, which does not catch the eye with a cursory review.

In the summer, river buses with excursions are launched through Milan's canals, and if you take one of them, you will greatly enrich your knowledge of the city.

No. 10 Milan Canals in Navigli

Channels In Milan? Yes, you heard right. Among other features of Milan, there is such an attraction. Moreover, at one time Leonardo da Vinci himself had a hand in improving their system.

However, you should not prepare to meet landscapes in Navigli Venice or Amsterdam - coming here with such expectations, you will leave disappointed. But the Milan system of channels is more of a surprise, which is not associated with the business style of the city, but still adds a certain charm to it.

Milan Canals is a pleasant highlight that many travelers will learn about for the first time

As for the area itself Navigli, until recently, he was not included in the list of prestigious areas. However, in recent years, the situation has begun to change. Low rents attracted representatives of the creative intelligentsia - writers and actors, which significantly improved the image of the district.

Today you can find many interesting shops, small galleries and charming restaurants. Navigli is also known as one of the centers of nightlife. And if you were deceived by his silence in the daytime, just return here at night.

No. 9 Real Panzerotti by Luini

Unlike the previous paragraphs, which can be safely marked with the tag Geography, this lesson is an exercise of a culinary and geographical nature, which makes it doubly enjoyable.

So, in the list of Italian cities, which are credited with special craftsmanship in some of the dishes of diverse local cuisine, Milan is no exception. However, the place we want to mention is not a fashionable restaurant.

Louini - just a stone's throw from the Duomo - it is rather a fast food, famous throughout Italy for its amazing Panzerotti. The latter are not originally Milanese inventions, but gained all-Italian fame here.

Panzerotti itself is reminiscent of flat donuts with various fillings: mozzarella, Parma ham, tomatoes and many other goodies will allow you to find exactly your mix.

Although Luini does not have a catchy sign at the entrance, the best advertisement for the place is a long line at the place. But do not look at the clock and regret the lost time - a short wait, and your Milanese experience will become much richer.

No. 8 Parks of Milan

Milan is a city of busy people and does not fit into that image of the touching medieval Italian cities, which guidebooks are full of. However, even busy Milanese sometimes need to escape from the rhythm of life and stay closer to nature.

When it becomes completely unbearable, and it is impossible to escape from work for a long time, the townspeople go to parks, which are broken with all the refinements inherent in the Italian sense of style. And although the noise of the big city penetrates here too, nevertheless it is a chance to get distracted a bit and indulge in a romantic mood.

Parco Sempione - the most popular park in Milan

The most famous and popular park in Milan is Parko Sempione, located on the site of the former parade ground of the Sforza castle. The highlight of the park is Palazzo del arteserving as a platform for numerous exhibitions of decorative art.

In the castle itself, by the way, there is also something to see. Another green oasis is Giardini Pubblici - Located in the northeast of the historical center, behind Quadrilatero D'oro. Although the size of the park is small - this is one of the most quiet and touching places in Milan. Also on the territory of Giardini Pubblici is one of the largest zoos in Italy.

No. 7 Pinacoteca Brera (Pinacoteca di Brera)

Yes, Milan - this business center - also has a significant art gallery. In the end, you are in Italy, and if it weren’t here, you would have to invent, create, build, lay, etc.

Actually at the time, this idea was imbued with the ancient rulers of the city, who founded the gallery during the Franco-Austrian rule.

Pinacoteca Brera is known for its collection far beyond Milan

Today, the gallery is dominated by the works of Italian masters, from one list of names of which is breathtaking, even if you are far from art. Rafael, Bellini, Caravaggio, Mantegna, Rembrandt, Rubens - this list can be continued further, but, I think, is already enough to boost cultural appetite. To learn more about visiting the Pinakothek and to purchase tickets online on this page.

The area in which it is located deserves special attention. Pinacoteca Brera. Located in the north of the historic center of Milan, it is replete with interesting shops and pleasant restaurants. So, going to satisfy cultural hunger, do not miss the chance to reward your stomach.

№6 Football match at San Siro

Milan is famous not only for opera and fashion - it is also a city of significant football traditions. Two clubs at once, infinitely respected by the international football community - Milan and Inter periodically meet in clashes with eminent rivals on one of Europe's most famous football fields - San Siro Stadium.

San Siro - one of the most famous stadiums in the world

Regardless of which side your sympathies are on, attending a match at San Siro will leave an indelible mark on your memory. And the fact that there are two teams only doubles your chances not to miss the sight.

If you find yourself in Milan during the offseason, do not miss the opportunity to visit San Siro even outside the games - the local museum will appeal to football fans.

Continuation: What to see in Milan: 10 ideas on how to spend time in Milan. Part II

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