New National Gallery

Since 2015, the new national gallery has been closed for repairs. Construction is expected to last four years.

New National Gallery (Neue Nationalgalerie), photo by Marc Fray

The unique cultural heritage carefully preserved in museums in Berlin does not cease to amaze. One of them is the New National Gallery (Neue Nationalgalerie), the pearl of the famous Cultural Forum (Кulturforum).

Glass box with a steel peak

Building architecture, photo by Rae Allen

The gallery was founded in the 60s and was a very successful attempt to collect the best examples of 20th century European art under one roof. The museum complex was officially opened in the fall of 1968. This was the last work of the talented architect Lotvig Mies van der Rohe, creator of the world-famous Institute of Technology and impressive skyscrapers in Chicago, exciting new concept designs in Mexico City and Barcelona. The latest masterpiece of the eminent genius perfectly combines seemingly incompatible materials - concrete and glass. "Temple of Glass and Light" - this is how they dubbed the unique museum, which received the status of a monument of modern architecture.

On the ground floor, photo by Sergei Zubkov

Since the day the New National Gallery first opened its doors to visitors, it has become an unchanged venue for significant cultural events. The design of the gallery was thought out to the smallest detail. Spacious cellars are ideal for hosting permanent exhibitions, and in a glass pavilion with steel columns erected on a powerful granite podium (the embodiment of the concept of "universal space"), all kinds of temporary expositions are periodically replaced.


In the museum hall, photo by yan da

The museum presents valuable examples of all the main stylistic trends of European art of the past century: early modernism, surrealism, expressionism, new realism, pop art, bau-house and others. The main exhibition will allow you to evaluate the genius of the expressive Picasso, the talented Munch, Liebermann, Dicke, Ernst and other unsurpassed artists, as well as to trace the development trends of contemporary art. In addition, lovers of beauty will be able to visit the park with sculptures located in the western part of the architectural complex.

How to get there

Take the U2 metro line to Potsdamer Platz Station;
by city train S1, S2, S25 also to the station Potsdamer Platz;
by bus M29 to the stop Potsdamer Brücke), on M41 to Potsdamer Platz Bhf / Voßstraße, on M48, M85 to Kulturforum, 200 to Philharmonie.

Watch the video: van der Rohe - New National Gallery (February 2020).


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